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Exploring the Earning Potential of Travel Nurses in the USA: A Real-Life Example in Dallas, Texas


If you’re a nurse looking for an exciting and rewarding career that allows you to travel and experience new places, travel nursing could be the perfect fit for you. Not only does it offer the opportunity to work in different healthcare settings across the country, but it also offers competitive compensation. 

Let’s take a closer look at the earning potential of a travel nurse in the USA using a real-life example in Dallas, Texas.

Meet Sarah, a Registered Nurse with three years of experience in medical-surgical nursing. Sarah decided to pursue travel nursing as a way to combine her love for nursing with her desire to explore new cities. She accepted a 13-week assignment as a travel nurse in Dallas, Texas, working in a renowned hospital in the heart of the city.

Location: Sarah’s assignment is in Dallas, Texas, which is known for its booming healthcare industry and a growing demand for healthcare professionals due to its rapidly expanding population.

Experience Level: Sarah has three years of experience as a medical-surgical nurse, making her a relatively experienced nurse.

Specialty: Sarah’s specialty is medical-surgical nursing, which is a versatile field that is in demand in many healthcare facilities.

Contract Terms: Sarah’s contract includes a 13-week assignment, with the option to extend if desired. She receives a tax-free stipend for housing, meals, and incidentals, as well as a base hourly pay rate.

So, what is Sarah’s earning potential as a travel nurse in Dallas, Texas? Let’s break it down:

  1. Hourly Pay Rate: Sarah’s base hourly pay rate as a travel nurse is $35 per hour, which is competitive compared to the average pay rate for staff nurses in the area.
  2. Tax-Free Stipends: Sarah receives a tax-free housing stipend of $3,800 per month, a meals and incidentals stipend of $1200 per month. This totals to $5,000 in tax-free stipends per month.
  3. Overtime Pay: Sarah occasionally works overtime shifts, which are paid at a higher rate of $52.50 per hour.
  4. Bonuses: Sarah’s contract includes a completion bonus and travel reimbursement of up to $1,000 at the end of her 13-week assignment.

Based on these factors, Sarah’s estimated earning potential as a travel nurse in Dallas, Texas can be calculated as follows:

  • Base Hourly Pay Rate: $35/hour x 36 hours/week = $1,260/week x 13 weeks = $16,380
  • Tax-Free Stipends: $5,000/month x 3 months = $15,000
  • Overtime Pay: 12 hours/month (average) x $52.50/hour x 3 months = $1,890
  • Completion Bonus & Travel Reimbursement: $1,000 (at the end of the assignment)

Total Estimated Earnings for 13-Week Assignment: $16,380 + $15,000 + $1,890 + $1,000 = $34,270 total or an average of $2636/week.

*it’s important to note that travel nursing compensation can vary depending on various factors, and the figures provided above are for illustrative purposes only. The actual earning potential of a travel nurse can be influenced by market conditions, contract terms, demand for specific specialties, and individual negotiation skills.

In conclusion, travel nursing offers competitive compensation and earning potential, especially in high-demand locations like Texas which also has no state income tax. Sarah’s example demonstrates how travel nurses can earn a substantial income while enjoying the benefits of exploring new cities, gaining diverse work experience, and expanding their professional network.

In addition to the financial rewards, travel nursing also offers other perks such as flexibility in scheduling, opportunities for professional growth and development, and the chance to make a positive impact in different communities. Travel nurses often have access to premium housing options, travel reimbursements, and health insurance benefits provided by Compound Healthcare.

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It’s worth noting that travel nursing is not for everyone, as it requires adaptability, flexibility, and the ability to handle change. Travel nurses need to be comfortable with new environments, different hospital protocols, and working with diverse patient populations. However, for those who enjoy adventure, have a passion for nursing, and desire to make a meaningful impact in various healthcare settings, travel nursing can be an incredibly fulfilling and financially rewarding career choice.

If you’re a nurse with a sense of adventure and a desire to explore new cities while earning a competitive income, travel nursing could be a viable career option for you. Consider partnering with Compound Healthcare today. We will help you explore opportunities in your desired locations and negotiate contract terms that align with your financial goals and preferences. Embark on a fulfilling journey as a travel nurse and discover the exciting possibilities that await you!

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